Meet the Team

With a shared commitment to excellence, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional performance, exceeding expectations, and achieving collective success.
Faisal Fawzi
President and Partner

Known for his strategic vision and leadership skills, Faisal Fawzi has been instrumental in driving the growth and expansion of BEF Trading Company, making it a prominent player in the trading industry in Bahrain.

Nadia Almasri
VP & Partner

Known for her exceptional leadership skills and keen business acumen, Nadia Almasri has been instrumental in driving the success and growth of the organization, contributing to its strategic direction and overall achievements.

Edward Spiro
Founding Partner & CEO

Known for his dynamic leadership style and deep industry expertise, Edward Spiro has played a pivotal role in building and growing the company from its inception, driving its strategic direction and operational excellence.


Youmn Al Madni
Head of Legal

Known for her meticulous attention to detail and strategic thinking, Youmn Al Madni plays a critical role in providing expert legal counsel, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance, contributing to the overall success and reputation of the organization.

Accounts & Administration

Ibrahim Khalil
Administration Manager
Adarsh Divakaran
Accountant & Administrative

Sales & OPS Team

Mohammad Al Masri
Marketing & Sales Manager
Nathalie Chamcham
Account Clerk
Faris Ayub
Sales Representative
Rubee Saber
Sales Representative


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